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What is connectus ?

Many insights await you, let's go!

Who we are.

We are a students project run by FHNW bachelor students from the school of business. The team consists of 4 project managers and 2 communications managers that are selected by the schools dedicated supervisor. The team is renewed every year shortly before the academic year ends. 

The project will take its participants, a handpicked delegation, on a journey of learnings and development of skills in relation to the terms topic and the business world.

What we do.

We, the team, develop and produce a topic, theme and storyline for a two part seminar in collaboration with our supervisor. 

The seminar is developed for a delegation of students from various FHNW Schools. During the seminars students are going to dive deep into the terms topic through speeches from industry leaders, challengers, governmental related services as well as FHNW lecturers. Moreover, delegates are going to visit companies to hands on see how business is done and form valuable connections for a future network.

Part 1 of the seminar takes place in Switzerland.
Part 2 is held abroad in selected countries and is exclusive to the delegation.

Who Supports us.

We are supported by partners that can be grouped into two categories.

One is FHNW by giving us the opportunity for the project during our academic degree program. Furthermore, they provide us with our supervisor and the necessary guidelines as well as knowledge through lecturers and administration supporting it.

At FHNW there are currently 4 international students projects that form “Verein Abroad“. Those projects are: InsightChina, FocusIndia, ConnectUS and ExploreAsean.

The others are our highly valued partners supporting the project with insights into their companies, financial aid, further job offers for delegates and many more crucial points.

More information for delegates and students in our Timeline.

In this timeline you find information about milestones and dates to look out for. Scroll through and find what you need.


The project gets ready for next term

Students soon in their last year of their bachelors are invited to apply to become a team member for the next term of the project. The school of business will invite to apply for it. Applications are then reviewed by our supervisor. After interviews and talks to the current team, a new team consisting of 4 project managers and 2 communications managers is formed. 

Specific information for credits, who can apply, will be uploaded onto the website, visit the homepage. If you are planning your studies’ curriculum earlier, reach out to us.


The project gets handed over

The current team hands over to the newly announced team. The project, in its new term, is kicked-off with our supervisor. Several handover meetings or get-togethers take place. Positions and responsibility areas are defined. Information between each area is exchanged. 

July to September

Theme, Topic, Direction, Voice is developed

In this intensive period we are in close collaboration as a team and with our supervisor. At the beginning it’s a classic ideation phase. What has been done before? Which topics are burning under our nails? What could be of interest for our students, partners and us? How do we create value? And many more why, how and what’s?

We get in touch with the project, what are our tasks? Whats due when? Media appearance starts to change, first content and products from the communications are published.

The topic is not finally developed at this stage. The foundation is laid and it starts evolving.


Theme and Topic are defined and announced

At this stage, we are ready to inform the terms topic, the goals of it and what value students and partners will get out of it, besides the skills you take out of taking part in an ever changing, steep learning and collaboration environment. Slogans, frameworks and other interesting parts of the project are communicated. Destinations for our seminar abroad are developed and announced.

October to January

Partnerships are cultivated and nurtured

We nurture our much appreciated and long standing relationships and meet with our previous partners. There, the topic is pitched and oftentimes great conversations spark, allowing us even more depth in our topic production, that is evolving. 

We cultivate new partnerships over the networks of our school, ourselves, our alumni, our partners, employers, new delegation members or companies in the field of the topic.


Delegation is recruited

We actively recruit our delegation starting end of September until mid October. FHNW students will discover media presence through our website, social media, emails via the different FHNW-Schools and physical posters or flyers. 

This delegation is accompanying us in both parts of the seminar.

It’s the easiest to look out for it via our social media channels and for more information, to peak onto our website. A dedicated page will appear during this time, homepage will inform you and guide you there safely. Planning ahead again? Reach out to us.


Delegation is selected

When the application window closes, all applications are screened thoroughly with utter care. We value every application and everyones time that goes into applying. 

All applicants are informed of their status during November to be ready for the schools enrolment period for the semester. When you are not sure for what and how to enrol, give us a ring.

Not selected members and students that have not applied are eligible to enrol for part 1 of the seminar held in Switzerland.


Kick-off Delegation

The delegation will meet for the first time and receives vast amounts of information over the project. The delegation members will be announced later on as they also enter the talent pool for our partners. 


Seminar in Switzerland is held

Expert guest lecturers from various fields such as management, politics, culture, law and many more will offer interesting speeches, discussions and insights related to the topic. It’s a packed week full of knowledge, learnings, reflections, networking and personal development.

A career fair to meet our partners is traditionally held. Here, students and partners can get to know each-other and from networks and plans.

February 14th to 18th 2022. The fair takes place on February 18th.


Seminar abroad takes place

The delegation selected in November embarks on a two week journey to our announced destinations. We will visit companies, public institutions as well as universities and the destinations sights. The delegation is provided with the unique possibility to expand their personal networks, engage in dialogues and for sure broaden their horizons further abroad.

It’s our projects heritage to visit various cities in the United States of America and Canada and experience the northern American way of living. 

In every project an extensive risk assessment is performed by the team and especially so, in global events such as the current Covid-19 pandemic. We announced that for the safety and certainty for our delegates and our planning, we focus on destinations in Scandinavia for the 2022-edition as they also match with this years theme. Northern American online days will be held to embrace our heritage and gain from northern American insights.

April 7th to 22nd 2022.


Every end sparks a new beginning

The team and delegation get together at a closing event. The projects seminars as well as learnings, experiences and results are presented. This event is held together with the students projects InsightChina, FocusIndia and ExploreAsean. It forms the official end of the projects term.

May 9th 2022.

The project comms full circle and the application round for the next terms project and communication managers begins.

And now?

See something that is missing or you wanna just chat with us? Drop us an email or DM via our social medias. We are here for you and eager to talk. See you on the page.