Edition 2023

Inspiring Change for a Shared Future!

Jessica Küffer (Coordination & Communication)

Christopher Steitz (Partnership & Finance)

David Johnson (Seminar in Switzerland)

Marco Bucher (Seminar Abroad)

Patrick Schaad (Communications Manager)

Raphael Ackermann (Communications Manager)

Edition 2022

Change today for a better tomorrow

Chantal Kreyenbühl (Coordination & Communication)

Michelle Oehninger (Partnership & Finance)

Patrick Zimmermann (Seminar in Switzerland)

Deborah Libardi (Seminar Abroad)

Tamara Frei (Communications Manager)

Marc Rychen (Communications Manager)

Edition 2021

Sustain and Gain
together for a more sustainable future

Nina Hofmann (Coordination and Communication)

Nina Beer (Seminar Abroad)

Yannick Breitenmoser (Partnership & Finance)

Nuria Brüngger (Seminar in Switzerland)

Alexandra Bosshard (Communications Manager)

Helena Kovacevic (Communications Manager)

Edition 2020

Diminish 2 Flourish Generate Wealth through Health

Diana Petrovic (Coordination & Communication)

Giulia Zumstein (Finance & Seminar Abroad)

Michelle Springer (Partnership & Seminar)

Céline Staudenmann (Seminar in Switzerland)

Edition 2019

From waste to wealth

Daniel Heinzelmann (Seminar in Switzerland & Partnership)

Selin Atesli (Finance & Seminar Abroad)

Andrina Eglauf (Seminar Abroad & Partnership)

Dominik Suter (Coordination & Communication)

Edition 2018

Growing together
Driving innovation across boundaries

Timo Mühlethaler (Seminar in Switzerland & Finance)

Simon Renevey (Coordination & Partnership)

Adrian Kaufmann (Seminar in Switzerland & Seminar Abroad)

Simon Meier (Communication & Seminar Abroad)

Edition 2017

Innovation is the new black – expand your mind, change the game!

Raphael Civatti (Communication & Seminar Abroad)

Simon Marti (Partnership & Finance)

Julia Bachmann (Coordination & Seminar Abroad)

Noël Meschi (Seminar Switzerland & Parnership)

Edition 2016

The Mystery of Success
many roads lead to the top

Theo Whitwill (Coordination & Communication)

Patrizia Eha (Finance & Seminar Abroad)

Haris Besic (Seminar in Switzerland & Partnership)

Edition 2015

A Key Driver of Innovation

Saskia Heller (Coordination & Seminar Abroad)

Julia Moser (Partnership & Finance)

Leandra Vogt (Seminar in Switzerland & Communication)

Edition 2014

Where do innovation and humanity come together?

Daniela Peter (Seminar in Swizerland & Communication)

George Drar (Partnership & Finance)

Lirije Uruqi (Coordination & Seminar Abroad)

Edition 2013

Connecting people for business success

Gyula Somorjai (Partnership & Coordintaion)

Mazlum Gencer (Seminar in Switzerland & Finance)

Taria Bretscher (Seminar Abroad & Communiation)