We are a students project run by FHNW bachelor students from the school of business. The team consists of 4 project managers and 2 communications managers that are selected by the schools dedicated supervisor. The team is renewed every year shortly before the academic year ends. 

The project will take its participants, a handpicked delegation, on a journey of learnings and development of skills in relation to the terms topic and the business world.

The seminar is developed for a delegation of students from various FHNW Schools. During the seminars students are going to dive deep into the terms topic through speeches from industry leaders, challengers, governmental related services as well as FHNW lecturers. Moreover, delegates are going to visit companies to hands on see how business is done and form valuable connections for a future network.

  • Part 1 of the project takes place in Switzerland.
  • Part 2 is held abroad in selected countries and is exclusive to the delegation.

We are supported by partners that can be grouped into two categories.

One is FHNW by giving us the opportunity for the project during our academic degree program. Furthermore, they provide us with our supervisor and the necessary guidelines as well as knowledge through lecturers and administration supporting it.

At FHNW there are currently five international students projects that form “Verein Abroad“. Those projects are: InsightChina, FocusIndia, connectUS, ExploreAsean and the newest addition HoLatam.

The others are our highly valued partners supporting the project with insights into their companies, financial aid, further job offers for delegates and many more crucial points.