Starting the Seminar Abroad

From Switzerland to our first stop vancouver

Our adventure in Vancouver began with a promise to explore the city’s vibrant culture, innovative spirit, and warm Swiss-Canadian hospitality. Our first three days were a tale of discovery, starting with the streets of downtown and ending with a memorable evening celebrating international friendship and cooperation.

First Day in Vancouver

Following the next day after our arrival, our first day was dedicated to exploring the multi-faceted beauty of Vancouver. Beginning with a Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour, which gave us a comprehensive snapshot of the city’s highlights. This exploratory ride took us through the streets of Vancouver, revealing all the must-see locations and allowed us first glimpse into the city.

In the evening, a group from our delegation and project team attended a typically Canadian event – an ice hockey game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Calgary Flames. This wasn’t only about the game. It was a deep dive into the passionate heart of Canadian sports culture and for many of us it was also our first live sports experience. We were entertained by the fantastic Canadian atmosphere, accompanied by a selection of delicious food and beverages. And as the highlight of the evening, the Vancouver Canucks, the home team, won the game 4-2, bringing the evening to a great ending.

Second Day In Vancouver

The second day of our Vancouver visit gave the team the opportunity to explore all sides of Vancouver, which was dedicated to personal exploration. With so much to see and to do, each member of the group found their own way around Vancouver. Some went shopping, where the others went to visit the natural beauty of the Canadian mountains and forests to escape from the urban life.

At dinnertime, we gathered together again to catch up over some good food. The atmosphere was relaxed as everyone shared their experiences from the day. Stories ranged from chance discoveries to breathtaking views, and the joy of exploring new places.

third Day in Vancouver

The day began with a walking tour of the city, starting from the bustling heart of downtown Vancouver and ending at the charming Granville Island, which was reached by a short boat ride. This journey provided an opportunity to enjoy everything from the skyscrapers of downtown to the artisan boutiques and waterfront views of Granville Island. It was a refreshing reminder of the urban diversity and natural beauty that Vancouver has to offer, all in one place.

The first company visit, a highlight of our day, came in the form of a presentation by Sandra Phillips, the founder and visionary behind movmi, along with her colleague Venkatesh Gopal. Her insights into shared mobility gave us a perspective on the innovative ways cities like Vancouver are making transportation more accessible, sustainable, and community-oriented. Sandra’s passion for her work was inspiring and engaged us in lively discussions about the future of urban mobility and our role in fostering more connected, greener cities.

At the end of the day, we were hosted by Thomas Schneider, the Consul General of Switzerland in Vancouver, at the residence of the Swiss Confederation. The reception dinner was wonderful and offered a taste of Swiss hospitality right here in Canada. It was a perfect combination of elegance and warmth, allowing us to engage in meaningful conversation, strengthen new friendships, and reflect on our journey so far.

During the evening, we had the pleasure of meeting Tamara Shtanova. As the Science & Technology Officer, Tamara played a crucial role in facilitating our company visits in Canada. She set the stage for a series of enriching and educational experiences for connectUS. Her presence at the dinner highlighted the importance of her contributions, not only to our program, but also to the broader goals of fostering collaboration and exchange between Switzerland and Canada. Her efforts behind the scenes were essential in making our visit possible and impactful.