Small steps – big impact: how collective actions make the world more sustainable

In a world that often feels overwhelming, it is easy to underestimate the power of our individual actions. But here is the exciting truth: even small steps can create significant change. Join us as we embark on this journey of sustainable change.  

Have you ever thought about a once-in-a-lifetime experience together with other students? Then listen carefully: students get the opportunity to join the delegation of connectUS 2024, where they can broaden their knowledge, connect with people from different cultures, and deepen their understanding of sustainability. Additionally, they can earn 5 ECTS points, making this unique student project even more rewarding academically. In addition to attending an engaging seminar in Switzerland and one abroad in Spring 2024, students can network with talented professionals from our network, opening doors to potential career opportunities and mentorship. Do not miss this chance to enrich your education and future prospects! 

The relevance of the 3P model  

This year’s edition of connectUS aims to deepen the three aspects of the 3P model, which focuses on the long-term impacts on people, our planet, and prosperity. In our ‘Seminar in Switzerland and the Seminar Abroad, students get the opportunity to better understand this framework for sustainable and responsible business practices.  

Inspiring people  

Do you value the importance of a workplace that prioritizes the well-being of its employees? We are eager to explore how forward-thinking organizations create supportive and inclusive environments. We believe that the foundation of any positive change in society begins with the well-being of individuals within an organization. 

Preserving the planet  

Our team recognizes the importance of environmental responsibility and focuses on three important aspects: green buildings, circular economy practices, and biodiversity conservation. Green buildings prioritize sustainable solutions, energy efficiency, and economic benefits. The circular economy aims to reduce waste and optimize resource utilization. Biodiversity conservation involves engaging with experts and organizations to preserve Earth’s rich variety of life.   

Promoting prosperity  

We are dedicated to shaping a future where prosperity extends far beyond fleeting financial gains, encompassing lasting, holistic well-being and sustainable growth. Start-ups are the driving force behind innovation, entrepreneurship, and rapid growth. We are committed that our delegation understands their central role in the economy and the unique challenges and opportunities they face.    

How canada, the United States, and Switzerland can benefit from each other

Fostering biodiversity on our planet: Canada is known for its rich biodiversity, making the conservation of ecosystems and species a priority for environmental sustainability. Canada’s commitment to the circular economy can serve as a model for the United States and Switzerland.  

Encouraging future innovators: The U.S. is a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, and understanding startups is crucial for driving economic growth and job creation. It can offer valuable lessons to Canada and Switzerland in fostering entrepreneurship. 

Organizations creating healthy work environments: Switzerland’s emphasis on quality of life and work-life balance underscores the importance of creating supportive and healthy workplaces. Switzerland’s expertise in creating healthy work environments can be shared with the United States, where work-related stress is prevalent.  

Without our partners, the realization of connectUS 2024 would not be possible. Partners support our project and receive in return the opportunity to promote their company or brand throughout our channels, have access to a pool of talented professionals, connect with students and faculty members, and do so much more. Should you be interested in becoming a partner, thank you for contacting us for more information – we look forward to being in touch! Our Partners – connectUS 2024 

Stay tuned for upcoming events, seminars, and opportunities to connect with individuals who share our vision! To get more information about us and our project, visit our website and social media channels. 

Your connectUS Team!