A Journey Through Seattle

From Corporate Insights to Urban Exploration

We visited KPMG Seattle, explored Amazon’s urban campus, and enjoyed breathtaking views from the Space Needle.

Insight at KPMG in Seattle

On Friday, March 29th, we visited KPMG’s Seattle office. Joel Williams, the Global Mobility Services Senior Manager at KPMG, provided us with an introduction. A panel talk was also held, which was a highlight as it gave us a look into the lives and work of KPMG employees as well as an opportunity to network. For a detailed recap of our visit, please see our post our post on LinkedIn.

We thank Lindsay and Molly for organizing such an insightful experience!

The Amazon HQ Area

Our journey continued into the afternoon as we explored the Amazon Headquarters area in Seattle. Every corner of this district tells a story, reflecting its history and innovation.

We discovered the vibrant urban campuses of the South Lake Union and Regrade neighborhoods, which are bustling with activity for 18 hours a day and offer a mix of locally-owned businesses, including cozy cafes, lively restaurants, and unique shops.

This part of Seattle is unlike anything we have in Switzerland. It’s like a miniature city within a city, carefully maintained by Amazon.

Exploring Seattle

Before leaving Seattle, we visited some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. The Space Needle offered breathtaking views from 184 meters above ground, with Seattle’s skyscrapers stretching out beneath us like a concrete jungle.

Our exploration didn’t end there; we participated in a city-wide mystery hunt, answering questions and uncovering the secrets of Seattle’s streets.

Our time in Seattle ended as we departed for San Francisco, catching an early flight to our next adventure. Stay tuned for more tales from San Francisco!