A Day of Giving

Our Volunteer Experience at OpenHand Volunteering

On April 2nd, we volunteered at Project Open Hand in San Francisco. This organization aims to provide meals to critically ill neighbors and seniors. Their mission is to offer food that supports recovery and promotes stronger, healthier lives. Project Open Hand prepares 2,500 meals daily and provides 200 bags of groceries to support clients facing serious illnesses or the challenges of aging. The organization operates in San Francisco and Oakland and relies on over 125 volunteers each day.

Project Open Hand offers various volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups to assist in meal preparation, packaging, delivery, and distributing groceries to the sick and elderly across San Francisco and the East Bay.

During our visit, our team was split into two groups with different responsibilities. One group assembled food packages containing fresh ingredients such as fruits, rice, pasta, lentils, beans, vegetables, milk, yogurt, and tuna. These packages were designed to provide a balanced diet to recipients. The other group prepared meals, which involved washing and cutting vegetables and managing precooked foods on warmable tables.

The experience gave our team a better understanding of the logistics of feeding those in need and the importance of community support. We contributed to a cause that goes beyond meal preparation and delivery, touching on broader issues of health and community care.

Participating in Project Open Hand’s efforts reminded us of the essential services provided to those who are critically ill or in need. It highlighted the organization’s role in the community and the continuous need for volunteer support to carry out its mission.

Together, we prepared over 1,000 meals on the meal line in just four hours. We used 3 boxes of kale, weighing a total of 35kg, and 10kg of eggplant to prepare fresh and nutritious ingredients for future meals.

Thank you for welcoming us into your community and giving us the amazing opportunity to serve alongside you!