Day 5 - Seminar in Switzerland

Dynamic Conclusion to the Seminar in Switzerland

On the final day of the ‘Seminar in Switzerland’, the anticipation in the air was tangible as the end of a week’s journey into the heart of professional development and creative exploration approached. The day’s programme, designed to encourage connections and innovation, did not disappoint.

Career Fair: An event of opportunity

The morning session began with a Career Fair, which provided opportunities for attendees of the International Study Program (ISP). The event featured several prominent companies – Hoffmann & Partner AG, KPMG, UBS, Accenture and Landi – each a shining example of excellence in their respective fields. The Career Fair was not just a fair, but an interactive channel that allowed ISP participants to gain deep insights into the corporate ethos and career prospects within these well-known companies. The atmosphere was refreshing, with dialogue on everything from differentiated industry trends to career advice taking place.

Afternoon Insights: Keynote by a Visionary

In the afternoon session, Hellmer Rahms from Google Cloud delivered an informative presentation to an eager audience. His keynote was a masterful analysis that traced Google’s rise, examined its strategic vision, and revealed its ambitious goals within the ever-evolving technological landscape. Rahms provided a detailed account of Google’s 25-year journey, highlighting the company’s rapid development and culture of radical innovation.

During the ISP Olympics: Creativity Challenge & Keynote, Rahms also discussed Google’s culture of creativity. His explanation illuminated how Google Cloud is propelling the digital transformation narrative and how the company’s core values of talent development, empowerment, and sustainability are not just principles – they are the very pillars that support Google’s global business.

Creative alert: the ISP Olympics challenge

The highlight of the day was the ISP Olympics, a challenge that embodied the spirit of innovation and sustainability. Each team was given 25 minutes to create symbolic sculptures from recyclable materials, translating their vision into tangible artwork. This challenge was not only a test of creativity but also a powerful statement on the significance of sustainability in our creative and professional activities.

Our team’s sculpture at the ISP Olympics embodied the connectUS motto: ‘small steps, big impacts.’ It was a remarkable display of creativity. The challenge embodied our commitment to the three Ps – People, Planet, and Prosperity – and their interconnectedness in creating a positive global impact. It demonstrated how small actions can lead to significant change.

Although the judges Stan Kamzol and Hellmer Rahms initially had concerns about the teams’ chaotic methods, they were impressed by the outcome. Hellmer Rahms drew parallels between creativity and intelligence and remarked on the beauty of structured ideas arising from creative chaos, showcasing the transformative power of collective imagination.

The finale saw Focus India crowned as the challenge winner, their innovative design and coherent theme embodying the spirit of invention and sustainability of the event.

Looking back on the inspiring sessions and collaborative challenges that defined the ‘Seminar in Switzerland’, we conclude with a great sense of achievement. The event’s success is a testament to the vibrant exchange of ideas and the unwavering dedication of all involved. We would like to thank the speakers who enlightened us and the sponsors whose support was invaluable. Their contributions were the cornerstone of an event that will resonate with us for years to come.