It would be an honor to work with you

What we offer

connectUS offers its partners a diverse pool of potential employees. In addition to advertising possibilities through all of our PR activities, you will support the completion of young students’ profile and skill sets as well as contributing to this generations’ educational opportunities.

Become a partner

In order to make such a unique seminar as connectUS possible, we are dependent on supportive partners. If you would like to know more on how you could support connectUS 2020/21, please get in touch with Yannick Breitenmoser for more information.

Your benefits as a partner

Access to students

Prime access to more than 10’000 talented and motivated students form 4 different campuses and 6 fields of studies

CVs of delegation members

Get direct access to potential future employees. You will be granted access to CV’s of all delegation members (around 80 students). As the delegation is an exclusive selection of talented students in their final year you may find the perfect candidate for one of your vacancies among them.


The FHNW holds a large network of contacts to the industry and to (non)-governmental organisations. Being a sponsor of these projects provides you with a platform to become part of this network.


Raise the awareness and attractiveness of your company amongst FHNW students. During all project activities you benefit from the placement of your company logo. This includes on-campus activities, project newsletter, websites and social media pages.

And many more...

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