Wrap up New York

New York – established and still growing business hub

With a meaningful historical background (e.g. the wall street etc.) New York is already well known and one of the most famous (business) cities in the world. Anyways, there is still a lot of demand for office spaces in that area. Corporates still consider it as important to represent their firms at that popular place.

One good example is Google. Their office building has the same amount of square meters as the Empire State Building and we had the chance to visit it. The office tour gave us an impression on how they got the award of being the best employer in the world. The following event “Sprinting for innovation” showed us how one can shorten the innovation process. This full day visit was an amazing experience for us.

Alex Goldberg, a venture capitalist, and the invited two early-stage start-ups gave us an insight on how to decide whether you should invest in an company and which factors are relevant for start-ups to be successful during the funding process.

To be at the Consulate General of Switzerland and visit the Ambassador André Schaller was a great honor and of course also a valuable chance to ask questions about the relationship between Switzerland and the U.S. Did you know that according to statistics Switzerland is the country with the 6th best image in the U.S.?

The tour at the Brooklyn Grange was something completely different. The urban gardening institution tries to provide green spaces in urban areas and furthermore supports the usage of local products and therefore reduces the environmental pollution.

The firm Livestream hosted us for an absolutely interesting session. Their core business consists out of two parts. One is responsible to build the live videos, while the other distributes them. The high potential in the live video market is their main advantage.

Now the connectUS onsite seminar 2017 is over. But this does not mean we should be sad about it. The valuable experiences we gained have such a great value and we are lucky enough that we could be part of this amazing adventure

Many people supported us on our journey and this definitely deserves a big THANK YOU. You gave 24 students and 4 lecturers the chance to further broaden their horizons and make unforgettable experiences!

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