Where are we going?

Are you wondering WHERE we will go? Here is a little teaser for you.

We will be visiting three amazing cities. Fixed are now the legendary New York City and Boston. Our third city will be revealed at the end of the month. It will either be Washington D.C., the US capital or San Francisco – which houses Silicon Valley – a famous hub for innovation and startups.

First stop: NEW YORK!

Our visit in New York will include the United Nations world

headquarters and the Embassy of Switzerland in the United States of America, two great opportunities for us which will be complemented by equally exciting visits. More visits will be added to the program in the weeks to come.

Second stop: BOSTON!

In Boston we will have the chance to get some insights to the business of swissnex Boston. A big team of relentless networkers who are connecting Switzerland and North America in science, education, art and innovation.
Another interesting point on our tour will be the Cambridge Innovation Center. They now house over 800 companies, most of them start ups. Of course this is not the whole program as more stops will be included later.

Third stop: To be revealed at the end of November!

So join us on our incredible trip and be a part of connectUS delegation 2016.


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