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Connectus 2022


If you’ve been to our homepage recently, you might have noticed some changes. Since the end of October, we have been busy redesigning our website. Creating a new website is an exciting time but demands dedication and energy. Here’s a deep dive into our journey, why we’re changing it up, and some “behind the scenes”.

The whole process started with asking ourselves: “What is the “why” behind our website redesign?”. We looked at what is working for us on the existing site and figured out what’s missing and what we need on our new site – according to the motto “keep the good stuff and fill the gaps”.

Our website redesign process

  1. Determining our website redesign goals.
  2. Defining our branding and messaging.
  3. Defining our key visitors/stakeholders.
  4. Choosing the right software.

As our site grew over the past years, it matured. Plug-ins weren’t up to modern functionality standards and the webpage was visually outdated. Following “Vision Zero” and our slogan “change today for a better tomorrow”, we aimed to create a sustainable and purpose-oriented website through concentrating and streamlining information and increasing user experience. Before crafting our new website design and content, we ensured to be crystal clear about our desired tone, messaging, and purpose. Doing so ensures consistency across the entire website. Anyone who visits our website for the first time should immediately understand what connectUS is, how it may benefit them, and why they should stay on your site. As we developed our messaging, we used clear, concise language.

Additionally, as we developed our branding, we thought about what (visual) aspects of the website need to be redesigned and what could stay the same. Thus, we also developed a design guide, where next generations can find all typography and color details for the website.

By clearly identifying our key stakeholders and by putting ourselves in their shoes, we managed to shape our website redesign strategy around the website visitors that matter most to us. Our aim was to speak to our visitors in their language by crafting our website design and content around our stakeholders.

Our final (but probably the most important) step of the website redesign process was to choose the right software with which to redesign our website. The goal for the software was to find something that is easily understandable for us and next generation communicators and provides guidance with video tutorials and blogs. We found these criteria in Elementor, a software company that provided us with the similar named plugin for our website. On December 6th, we announced our overhauled web to our community on our social media pages.

Redesigning a whole website was a totally new work experience for us. It definitely takes hours and stamina (and sometimes nerves of steel), but we are proud of what we achieved. What a are you waiting for? Enjoy browsing through our fresh website and don’t forget to visit our socials and gift us a follow!