The stage is (y)ours – Environmental students

Fabian and Gabriel showing us their mango drying project

Lukas giving an insight into reducing Cigarette Waste on Train rails

Our first day at the Preparatoy Seminar came to an end with two refreshing projects conducted by our environmental and energy students from the connectUS delegation. Fabian Fankhauser and Gabriel Ackermann talked us through their Mango Drying project undertaken with a charitable organization active in Gambia. The goal of their work was to teach locals on how to run a small enterprise while figuring out a suitable drying method for this country. They explained us the most important requirements which have to be considered when choosing the right drying system.

Moreover, Lukas Schoepke introduced us to his research done about the environmental impact of cigarette butts at railway stations. By tracking and analyzing a platform at the Basel railway station for two weeks, the team counted that 66% of the cigarette butts end up on the platform rather than in an ashtray. In order to break and fight this bad attitude the project team conducted surveys and asked for better solutions and ideas. The conclusion made was that a smoking sector would be the most suitable solution in order to reduce the environmental impact of cigarette butts.

Both projects were presented in a thought-provoking and interchangeable manner that showed the practical matters of the environmental engineering degree.