Delegation 2020/21

Applied Psychology

Alexandre Strebel

A thoughtful, optimistic and open-minded socializer, that is experience-oriented with a passion for outdoor sports.

“Expanding my cultural horizon, personal development and gaining valuable international experience are my decision drivers for joining the connectUS project. I look forward to bond with people from diverse fields of expertise and cultural backgrounds to learn more about how international companies promote, manage and monitor their sustainability programmes.”


Nicolas Hêche

An inquisitive and future oriented person with a passion for sports.

“I expect to further broaden my mind and gather insights on a foreign country. I’d also love to enhance my English skills and establish new contacts.”

Bioanalytics and Cell biology

Talea Marty

A analytical and organized person with flair for coherent processes and a big heart for horses

“Broaden my skills in a field where I have not so much experience and therefore grow personally. Furthermore to engage in an exciting project and connect to lovely people.”

Linkedin: Talea Marty

Leandra Zehnder

A versatile enthusiastic person with a love for fashion design.

“I expect an instructive time in which we can exchange ideas and discuss certain topics in order to find new ways to implement sustainable ideas.”

Linkedin: Leandra Zehnder

Business Information

Christian Roth

I am a detail-oriented and curious technology enthusiast and a tinkerer at heart.

“I hope to gain a new perspective on international business and look forward to a great networking opportunity.“

Linkedin: Christian Roth

Business Administration

Céline Huber

A curious and positive person with a can-do-attitude.

“I am very excited to part of ConnectUS. This international student project is a great and unique opportunity to gain insights into different topics of the Sustainable Development Goals and into different cultures. My goal is to deepen my knowledge, expand my network and widen my horizon.”

Deborah Heri

Dominic Largiadèr

A curious and purpose driven person, who likes challenges.

“I am looking forward to acquiring deep insights into the SDGs and correlated issues related to sustainability on a social, economic, and environmental level. By combining my passion for digitalization and novel technologies and addressing current issues by innovative approaches, my goal is to add value to today’s economy in a collaborative setting.”

Linkedin: Dominic Largiadèr 

Fabian Hochuli

Lorenzo Indraccolo

An open and humorous person, which likes technology and to explore tomorrows challenges.

“I expect to learn more about the North American economy and culture. It will be fun for me to work on challenges from different industries and businesses.”

Linkedin: Lorenzo Indraccolo

Ludwig Walz

Moé Jäggi

Öykü Demiriz

Seraina Tobler

Curious, open-minded, and positive thinking person that is enthusiastic about learning new skills with a love for nature.

“Participating in connectUS 2021 is a great opportunity to expand my network and gain further knowledge about sustainability in a business context with a focus on the North American market. The insights into the interesting and current topic of sustainability that the project deals with allow me to combine my interests with new learnings from science, business as well as society and to see how top companies are tackling this emerging issue to create a more sustainable future.”

Linkedin: Seraina Tobler

Sharon Alexandra Schär

An open-minded and emphatic optimist with strong communication and leadership skills, combined with a good sense of humour and the willingness to learn something new every day.

“I hope to meet many new, interesting people and that this project will not only be an unforgettable experience, but will also advance my career.”

Linkedin: Sharon Alexandra Schär