Preparatory Seminar Day 1

The first day of the Preparatory Seminar 2021 was a great success!
We enjoyed a good start with an inspiring speech by Marc Blaser, who taught us not to give up because of failures.
Moreover, he elaborated that understanding their customers’ needs as their own challenges, is what drives the company every day.
The speech was followed by a presentation from the project and communications team of what is to come this week.
The afternoon was all about Geneva, the UN and the SDGs.
Did you know that there is no place in the world where so many missions of different countries are represented as in Geneva?
This explains why so many international organizations, such as the United Nations, are based there. Here, country representatives can collaborate on relevant projects on various important issues such as the SDGs. As the UN faces the challenge of finding common ground for all parties and helping countries formulate their respective goals for the SDGs. After all, a major point of criticism of the SDGs is that they are too broad, but it is precisely this standardization of goals that makes them a good set of guidelines for all countries in the world.
The day ended with a look into the future of work. We got to hear and discuss fairness, connection, and how we can equip ourselves for the unprecedented future.
The main theme was “connecting” knowledge and similar to how we learn by sharing, it should be a process of connecting knowledge to achieve a fair and sustainable future.
To conclude a great day where we learned so much from experts.