Praedicat – A dynamic start-up in Los Angeles

On Tuesday afternoon, Praedicat welcomed us to their offices located in a district that is well-known for tech-startups like Sony or Beats by Dr. Dre and may other companies. After a tour through their open-space office, the company and its employees welcomed us with ice cream and a variety of delicious fruits. We used the opportunity to network with its young and diverse employees chatting about the company and our connectUS seminar.

Bob Reville, CEO of Praedicat, recounted the formation of Praedicat with pleasure and shared with us informative insights about being a tech start-up in Los Angeles. The presentation was followed by many Questions of our connectUS participants who were highly fascinated by the companies’ success story and their pioneering approach in measuring risks of companies.

Bob pointed out that one of the drivers for his motivation was mainly the knowledge of doing something useful and good for other companies, therefore he stayed overly optimistic during his journey with Praedicat and did not fear to fail.

This strategy turned out to be highly successful since the revenue of the company increased drastically.

In order to get a sense for their products and services we split into groups of modelling and engineering where the employees presented us their job fields and thinking approaches.

It was highly fascinating and unusual for us to get an understanding of such complex products such as ChemMeta which is based on science analytics. Furthermore, we were also impressed by the highly skilled workforce behind the products and services. Thank you Praedicat for the valuable lessons and insights into your dynamic and innovative company!