The Impact of Positive Appearance

What is your first impression? What are influencing factors? Corinne Staub was introducing us to the impact of a positive appearance in a very lively and personal way. The image that others have of you, is not controllable. But some factors you can impact. Self-branding is the key because you can control who you are, how and what you communicate, or the way you act and interact with others. Factors that help to leave a good first impression. Firstly, show positive emotions and gain trust. Next steps are to garner respect and show interest.

She showed us a model of Marc Bowden. Humans are scanning people whether they could be a friend or an enemy. She encouraged us to have the focus on the friend side and look for the positive, because the enemy side is mostly a personal problem in our head and not a real issue of the person itself. This is very crucial for doing business.

Corinne Staub made interactive sessions, in which the students could practice their skills in presenting themselves and how to introduce a group of people to a company in the right way.

Also, the culture, the environment, character and values are important elements that influence who you are. It is relevant to gain experience and catch the interest of the other party by being authentic and natural, making your listener curious, being interesting and beginning with why.

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