Shaping tomorrow’s economy today. Climate compatible.

The swisscleantech trade association has over 350 members from all sectors. Our members are committed to the climate and have therefore signed our charter. Together we move politics and society and ensure that Switzerland becomes CO2-neutral by 2050 at the latest. This is how business works for the climate.

350 members and partners from over 30 sectors. Climate compatible.
Our members and partners are with swisscleantech because they are convinced: What is needed is a trade association that is strongly committed to a climate-friendly economy. It is important to everyone that we motivate decision-makers in business, politics and society to support the climate. That we show how business works for the climate. And that we bring together all those who pursue this goal.


”Located in Freiburg (Germany), the ‘mvk-Kutzschenbach Institute for Sustainability Studies’ is a think tank that is committed to utilizing inter- and trans-disciplinary knowledge to develop solutions for promoting a sustainable future for all.

The challenge of sustainability is a complex and wicked problem and our approach is two pronged. Our focus supports both entrepreneurship and multi-stakeholder decision making in developing actionable engagement strategies for client organizations. The areas of entrepreneurial innovation and organizational learning are central to any efforts to improve economic, social and ecological performance in an increasingly digital world.

Our goal is to pursue collaborative action research and project work that facilitates innovation and learning. An important objective in this work is to identify and improve organizational dynamics that initially created complex problems. The vision guiding our work is that of helping organizations to take their social responsibilities more seriously by providing innovative and effective business paradigms and tools for implementation.”


World famous stars in a very intimate space, reduced to the musical essence, promising new talents and well-known DJs in front of an incomparable setting – the acoustic music festival Zermatt Unplugged has become essential for the European music scene. The first edition took place in 2007, founded from Thomas Sterchi and Marco Godat as a Singer-Songwriter Festival. By now, over 80 concerts during 5 days are taking place on 14 different stages, spread in the whole village as well as on the mountain.