KPMG is known for providing clear and consistent solutions in the areas of auditing and advisory services. You can start your career at KPMG by beginning to work as an intern during your studies, or embark on an initial career or a graduate program during or right after your academic career. KPMG offers an international network with a strong local presence and a multi-faceted client portfolio. Because we offer more than 120 different services in the fields of auditing and advisory services, you can design your career according to your own wishes.

After all, it is only with top-notch employees that KPMG can master the future challenges of our discerning clients and build up long-term client relationships. KPMG offers numerous options and possibilities – they are yours for the taking!



For more than a century, Northern Trust has worked hard building our legacy of outstanding service, expertise and integrity. Founded in Chicago in 1889, Northern Trust has offices in the United States in 19 states and Washington, D.C., 23 international locations in Canada, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, and 18,100 employees globally. We serve the world’s most-sophisticated clients – from sovereign wealth funds and the wealthiest individuals and families, to the most-successful hedge funds and corporate brands.

Our guiding principles not only survived but thrived during the Great Depression, two world wars and the 2008 financial crisis. We burnished our reputation as a global leader delivering innovative investment management, asset and fund administration, fiduciary and banking solutions enabled by sophisticated, leading technology. And through it all, we continually laid a solid, forward-looking foundation on which future generations can continue growing and achieving greater.