Opening Speech – Marc Blaser

The Preparatory Seminar of the four International Student Projects: exploreAsean, Insight China, Focus India and connectUS started with an impressive opening speech from Marc Blaser, CEO of Blaser Swisslube. Since many years Blaser Swisslube is the joint partner of all four projects and we are very grateful for their precious support.

Global Competitiveness
Did you know that Switzerland is amongst the top three countries when it comes to competitiveness? Undoubtedly, it is important to be more competitive than others. But how can one achieve this? Marc Blaser stressed that “Innovation and productivity contribute a significant part to a company’s competitiveness.” Furthermore, constant learning should take place in order to increase the capacity to compete.

It’s all about the people
Marc Blaser clearly stated that the most important assets are the people or in the case of the company the employees. Blaser Swisslube is defined by the values of trust, diversity as well as curiosity. Their goal is to remain competitive and keep the leading edge. Despite all new technologies and digital tools, the people will stay the priority as trust is built through interaction between people.

Overall, it was a very inspiring speech that encouraged us to do what we love and to make a difference where we can. At the same time, we were asked to think critically and holistically in order to reach our objectives.