Marketings Contribution to a Waste Society – Markus Rach

On Tuesday morning Markus Rach joined us for a very fascinating speech during which he gave us his insider views about the contribution of marketing to a waste society. Markus is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and teaches courses in digital marketing, technology and sales. It is also worth mentioning that Markus has five master’s degrees and had been a visiting lecturer in China.

His presentation immediately attracted the attention of all connectUS participants. Markus shared with us thoughts about the ongoing digital transformation by including not only themes concerning social media but also environmental and economic challenges.

First of all, Markus was elaborating on the evaluation theory and explained how people learn from their surroundings. Also, the consumption behaviour of every individual and its impact has been addressed. At the end, the question arose about who would have to pay the price for our behaviour? Is it the consumer? Or the society and the politics? In truth, we cannot really answer this question. But here is the thing, the biggest incentive for people to use renewable energy is the monetary aspect.

Student Article – By Daniel Frigg