KPMG Seattle

On Monday morning we had the opportunity to visit our Gold Partner KPMG in their Seattle office. Despite the fact that Seattle is well-known as a Technology and Innovation hub, only KPMG as one of the big four has its people located in this city. The KPMG employees welcomed us with typical American cookies and gave us a well-structured and interesting presentation about the company. Most notable, everyone was impressed by their highly modern Learning Development and Innovation Facility at Lake Nona in Orlando where the employees have the possibility to attend further trainings in a beautiful and fancy hotel-like facility. Even though the company is extremely success driven, it was surprising to hear how much effort they put into giving back to the community by having participated at 68 volunteering events in Seattle in 2018! Also, the importance of offering children the chance to learn reading is taken by heart. Therefore, the employees attend reading events and offer over 3.5 million new books to low-income families with children.

Nevertheless, the highlight of the morning was definitely the presentation of Kyle Nulty, an Associate of KPMG Cyber, who explained us the current trends and security questions surrounding the Internet of Things. Considering that he has only been with the company for a year, the connectUS participants were extremely impressed by his broad knowledge about this topic and his structured and clarifying answers during the Q&A sessions. All in all, the morning was very interesting and ended with an office tour at the 29th floor with an awesome panoramic view!

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