Journey to the Future – Tobias Andrist, CEO of EBL

After the lunch we had the great pleasure to welcome Tobias Andrist, who is the CEO of our platinum Partner EBL. As the CEO of the energy supplier EBL, Tobias Andrist is aware of the challenges that we will be faced with in the future and encompass the topic of connectUS 2020: The growth in global population combined with an ever increasing world GDP naturally leads to a larger demand for energy. Consequentially, this puts the world’s ecosystems in peril, as we have not yet found ways to move away from using fossil-based fuels covering a large part of our energy demand.

In his presentation, Mr. Andrist elaborated on the concept of e-mobility, which is just one of three pillars in which EBL acts in adapting their business to the future. Since almost two thirds of the global oil consumption is connected to mobility, it makes sense to pioneer in this area. Further, Mr. Andrist discussed some of the challenges that the supply of renewable energy poses, such as efficiency issues for PV cells, the lack of public support for wind-energy projects within some communities, or seasonal incongruences in the production of energy. By offering valuable insights into past and present projects of EBL, Mr. Andrist was able to transmit and underline the journey to the future with renewable energy to the delegation. The engagement of the students was made visible and culminated into a vivid discussion between them and Mr. Andrist.