Healthy work environment – Stefanie Egger

“Reduce” can be approached from various perspectives. Stefanie Egger offered us an insight into her way of dealing with stress and how to cope with moments of pressure. Consulting, coaching and speeches are part of her core areas that she is offering at her own company called EGGER consult. In her speech, one could clearly feel her experience and the fact that she has lived through all possible ups and downs during her career.

The connectUS participants were provided with great inputs regarding a positive mindset, personal goals and potentials as well as various emotions. Through the interactive way of her speech, the audience could immediately immerse into the world of positivity and confidence. Ms. Egger openly shared her personal view and explained the importance of self-respecting. Also, she introduced an easy way how to deal with stressful situations. For example, you can evoke beautiful memories to awaken a positive feeling in you. Another tactic involves a simple exercise where the arms are held up and the chest is opened. This gave us the opportunity to apply some simple but effective ways that contribute to the health and an overall sense of well-being.

In a world with ever-increasing expectations, it is important to take care of yourself and maintain a helathy work-life-balance. Stefanie gave us a lot of valuable insights and introduced some simple tools that can be used against everyday stress. Well informed and with more self-confidence the first day of the preparation seminar passed by in a flash.