The Company visit at Google New York has been an awesome experience for the whole delegation as it was tremendously interactive. When we arrived we first of all had the chance to have a good breakfast offered by Google. We then continued with the presentation of Erik Troberg about Google Sprints or in other words the short but intense process of designing a certain solution for a given problem. After the presentation we started with our workshop exactly about that, the Google Sprint.

Throughout the workshop the delegation was given the task to create an app in order to overcome a problem given in a case distributed at the beginning of the workshop. In the end each of the groups who created such an app presented it and Erik gave a short feedback.

Before the Company visit at Google came to an end, Erik took us on a tour in the Google building of New York. All in all it has been terrific at Google, especially, because we had a very interactive workshop and experienced how it somehow has to be to work for Google.


Marc Schär: “For me, it was one of the highlights of the journey because it was not just a company visit. We also had the chance to get coached in a google design sprint by Erik Troberg, where I encountered how challenging it is to design something with just a few information about the real problem.”

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