From Waste to Wealth with Hydropower – Alessandro Rossi

In the afternoon Alessandro Rossi, Specialist Engineer, joined us for a specific presentation about the topic “From Waste to Wealth with Hydropower”.

Alessandro, who is with Axpo for 5 years, shared with us his insights in Hydropower and Biomass production. His well-structured presentation addressed both, environmental and business students by including not only technical elements but also the economics of hydropower plants. Surprisingly, about 60% of electricity is sourced through Hydropower production in Switzerland. This fact opened up an interesting discussion about its importance and its future in Switzerland whereby the Energy Strategy 2050 intends to strengthen the usage of it even more.

We are very happy to have had the chance to get an insight into the exciting work environment at axpo and their sustainable ways to produce energy.

Download ETH Paper

ETH Research Paper – Impact of Climate Change and Energy Policies on Alpine Hydropower
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