From Linear to Circular Economy – Marco Grossmann

Marco Grossmann, a young and highly educated Member of the Executive Board at ecos Basel, was holding one of our favorite presentations on Thursday morning. The attendance of Michael Jeive, the Head of the International Projects at FHNW, and the representatives of Too Good To Go reflected the relevance of this interesting presentation.

As a matter of fact only 9% of the current world is circular, which is why the company ecos seems to be far ahead of time with its innovative projects in dealing with sustainability across Switzerland. Ecos definition of sustainability, defined as the interaction between the environment, society and economy, was perfectly reflected in different examples Marco has presented in an engaging and simple way. Furthermore, he introduced us to the different phases on how the company is working with cities in order to create a platform for a dialogue with stakeholders and the city administration.

Last but not least, the Cargo Sous Terrain project was shown which aims to increase the efficiency of traffic flows between organizations and the reduction of emissions. It was impressing to see the active engagement of the students during the presentation, as they enriched the session with many interesting questions.

Have a look at the groundbreaking concept of Cargo Sous Terrain
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