From Food Waste to Wealth – Vanessa Müller

Did you know that 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted in a year? And by the end of the 60-minutes presentation “From Food Waste to Wealth” about 75’000 tons of food have been already lost worldwide!

Vanessa Müller, Business Developer of the app Too Good to Go, started her presentation with this appalling fact, which probably shocked every person in the room. The better it was to hear that a lot of movement is happening nowadays in the field of food waste. Vanessa presented us the business of Too Good to Go solely following the purpose of raising awareness in food consumption by selling delicious leftovers from food stores at attractive prices after peak times. The relatively young and dynamic company shared with us its successes and ended with a brainstorming session about how the company could improve its marketing in the cities through events and other action plans. Seeing the good cause and hard work of the company, surely everyone has already downloaded the app by now.

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