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Fourth day of the connectUS 2016 Preparatory Seminar


Elevator Pitch workshop (Project team // connectUS 2016)

Imagine you meet Mark Zuckerberg in an elevator and you have 30 seconds time to introduce yourself in an original way so that you will leave an remarkable impression and Mark wants you to work for him.

For this reason we had this morning a workshop featured by our project team about the elevator pitch. They started with general explanation about its content and how it works.

Further they showed us an example with do’s and don’ts when performing an elevator pitch as well as how you should structure your speech. Within the structure it should be a clear understanding about the goals, experience and the unique selling proposition or better said, what makes you special. The most important things about the elevator pitch are its content, how it is delivered and then in the end the following up.

Usually the time of the performance of an elevator pitch can vary between 30 – 60 second and the goal is to persuade someone within a short time from your skills, your person and maybe increase job opportunities in the end.

In general it can be said that it is really important to know that you can’t use the same pitch twice and you need to tailor it to the relevant occasion as well as to the company or project you are applying for.


The Evolution of Digital Media (Cristina Riesen // Seedstars)

Christina Riesen works as an entrepreneur at Seedstars, a company that aims to have an impact on people’s live in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship.

Through the example of “be like bill” the stickman who went viral on social media – she explained how big the impact of every one of us can be on social media. Never before it has been so easy to approach, motivate and engage people to a certain topic as it is for us today using social media. This underlines the great possibilities new technologies bear.

She also compared the exponential growth of global mobile data with a tsunami that is going to hit us soon. For companies it is really important to see this as an opportunity and not to underestimate the power in the world through technology and digital media.


Finally she told us about the trends for the current year which goes towards Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Streaming Services with the Original Quality Content. The starting point of all new developments should be based on the needs and personal preferences of each individual aiming to enable an unforgettable consumer experience.

Finishing her inspiring presentation she shared one key message with us: “Be bold, believe that we can change the world, think big and make an impact. Together we can change the world”.

The fourth day of the Preparatory Seminar ended with a reflexion session were the participants of the seminar week had the chance to give a feedback to the project team.

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