More than fifty former project and delegation members from the international student projects visited the FHNW in Olten yesterday evening, to take part in the revolutionary new alumni event! The event was organised by this year’s project teams: connectUS, Focus India, explore Asean and Insight China. The purpose of this event was to arrange a platform where former and current team members can exchange their experiences, knowledge and passion about the prestigious student projects.

After a warm welcome from Michael Jeive, Head of Student Projects, the teams started with a short presentation. Interesting insights into this year’s topics as well as their ideas for this year’s projects were given. Amongst the participants, you could definitely feel joy and passion about the past and upcoming projects. This was also the case during the Apéro that followed in the entrance hall of the FHNW, where everyone had the opportunity to engage with each other and share their memories and experiences. This event involved the community in a new and unique way. With the contribution from the former members, a chance to network and many captivating conversations, it was truly an event to remember!