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First day of the connectUS16 Preparatory Seminar


The Preparatoy Seminar week 2016 started with a varied agenda including three very interesting presentations. We would like to do a review of what we have learned today and share with you the most important insights we gained today.

Influence of a Positive Appearance (Corinne Staub // ONE)

During the first presentation of the preparatory seminar of Corinne Staub from “ONE” we got some great insights into the business world in terms of appearance.


She transmitted her statements involving members of the delegation to show how you can build up trust or how you have to correctly introduce yourself. She designed her presentation on a very interactive way, including a pleasant mix of theory, examples of experience in real live, funny anecdotes and gave some historical background to explain where some current customs come from.

Furthermore she highlighted the importance of preparing yourself about who you are going to interact with and which message you want to transport with your introduction. It’s important to have a tailored description of yourself that is short and meaningful and will be reminded by your conversational partner. You have to walk your talk and know your magic sentence. Additionally you have to consider the environment you are in, as habits, values, customs and does and don’ts depend from the environment or country you are in.

We all were very glad about her concrete dress code recommendations as well as her explanations about how to deal with rank, gender, and age in a business context. We now feel well prepared for all upcoming events and aware of the impact of our appearance.

Work Culture @ Google (Javier Bargas // Google)

In the afternoon we had the opportunity to follow our road of talent focus and could happily welcome Javier Bargas from Google Zurich as a speaker. Javier Bargas who calls himself a Zoogler (Google employee from Zurich) works as a Staff User Experience Research Manager and gave us some really interesting insight into the work culture of Google and how the hiring process is handled.


Free Food, a gym at your disposal, no fixed working hours and a creative working environment with space to relax and treat yourself. Why not?

For Google the most important thing is that their employees enjoy their workplace and have a good life at the workplace since this improves the employees’ output. Therefore several incentives are given to their employees.

Furthermore Javier Bargas introduced the delegation to Google’s interview process. They seek the smartest people of the world and therefore their hiring process is quite unique when compared to the hiring process in Swiss companies. Almost the entire hiring process in Google lies on the shoulders of the employees. And just on the final stage HR gets involved.

Personal Success Story (Christine Ledergerber // Ledergerber Hinderling Consulting)

The closing presentation of the day was hold by the guest speaker Christine Ledergerber who shared her personal experiences of the establishment the startup company Power Plant, that aims to establish themselves on the solar panels market with their project called “Marine Solar Islands”.

Everything started in 2010 with the inventors vision of Thomas Hinderling, a very well known and recognised nuclear phisisist, started to share his vision of a revolutionary solution of floating solar panels. The concept Marine Solar Islands brings solution to three prevailing problems countries with land scarcity, high rates of water vaporation and scarcity of electricity sources face.

Sharing her experiences and personal success story was a great example of how challenging the establishment of a startup can be even if you have a great idea. Being a visionary is very difficult, because you are confronted with a lot of challenges you have to be able to overcome and constantly adapt your approaches with every new insight gained.

You need to be resilient and patient enough to take all the steps needed, identify the window of opportunity it, be supported by a network that backs up your project and well prepared to be able to deal with intercultural differences.

She gave adequate recommendations if you want to successfully establish yourself as an entrepreneur, taking in consideration the defiance’s of operating in foreign markets.

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