Fifth day of the preparatory seminar 2017

Last day of our absolutely interesting preparatory seminar 2017. The day was spent together with the other three projects – insightChina, focusIndia and explore ASEAN.


Globalization – Prospects, transformation and challenges? – Jean-Pierre Lehmann

Jean-Pierre Lehmann (D.Phil, Oxon) is Emeritus Professor at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland, where he was appointed to the Chair of International Political Economy in 1997. Prior to that he held positions in several European and Asian institutions. He is Founder of the Evian Group (1995), an international coalition of corporate, government and opinion leaders, united by a common vision of enhancing global prosperity for the benefit of all by fostering an open, inclusive, sustainable and equitable global market economy in a rules-based multilateral framework. He is on the board of several institutions.


He started his presentation by telling us what exactly globalization is. Globalization is the integration of markets through cross-border movement of goods, capital, information, technology and labor. It is based on comparative advantages, driven by enterprise strategies and through technologies. One famous key event in 1989 triggered the “21st Century” – it is the fall of the Berlin Wall. From then, the world got from a divided into an integrated world.


Furthermore, he spoke about the five major revolutions for the 21st Century. These are ICT revolution, the Chinese economic revolution, the global market revolution, the demographic revolution as well as the climate revolution. It is the fact that Asia will drive the global economy in the 21st Century with the massive increase in the middle-income class, massive urbanization and mammoth development of regional and global infrastructure.


Last but not least, the key 21st Century challenges were presented by Jean-Pierre Lehmann. First, our common planet with the climate change, biodiversity or environment is a key challenge. Second, our common humanity, such as tolerance and solidarity or poverty and inequality will influence the globalization. Third and last, our common rule-book like business rules or the governance will have a great impact.


The whole team and delegation wants to thank Jean-Pierre Lehmann for coming to the FHNW and this very informative talk.


Panel talk about current issues of the globalization – Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Dr. Rudolph Strahm, Dr. Jan Atteslander, Dr. Kristyna Ters

The last speech of the preparatory seminar was a panel talk with four absolutely well-known guests. Jean-Pierre Lehmann who was already introduced. Dr. Rudolph Strahm as a former member of the Swiss National Council and price controller. Dr. Jan Atteslander as a member of the management board and head of foreign trade by economiesuisse. Finally, Dr. Kristyna Ters as a lecturer at the FHNW and research adviser to the Czech National Bank.

We heard a lot about the globalization and its current issues. It was really interesting to hear different aspects and opinions of the speakers. Before closing this panel talk, the audience got the chance to ask questions.

We appreciated to have all of these speakers here in Olten and enjoyed it. Thank you very much Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Dr. Rudolph Strahm, Dr. Jan Atteslander and Dr. Kristyna Ters.

Career fair

In the afternoon, we had the chance to meet some interesting companies at the career fair. We could talk to them about possible jobs after our studies, do a CV-check or take photos for our applications.

The preparatory seminar was finally closed by a joint apéro where we could learn each other better. This was the perfect end of an exciting week and we are all very curious about our coming on-site seminar.




The preparatory seminar 2017 is over and everyone involved is very happy how it all went. Everything went as planed. The project and the pr team wants to thank every speaker for their time and effort, without them the preparatory seminar wouldn’t have been such a huge success. Special thanks to:

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