Embassy of Mexico Visit

Today we visited the Mexican Embassy in Bern. For the first time the project connectUS will visit Mexico on the On-Site Seminar. For the Mexican Embassy it was also the first time a group from an university visited their embassy in Bern. The presentation was hold by the representative of the Mexican Embassy and the head of press.

The history of bilateral relations between Switzerland and Mexico goes way back to the year 1945, when diplomatic relations between Mexico and Switzerland began. The current topic between the two countries right now is the unique Swiss dual education program, in which Mexico is very interested in. At Swiss companies in Mexico the Swiss dual system is already integrated.

It is a very important year for Mexico because of the election, which takes place on the 1st of  July. The last big election was 1992 and this year a third of the government and senators will change, as well as the president. Mexico is a political and economic stable country with an open market and has the 15th largest economy of the world. Mexico is the largest exporter of silver, beer, flatscreen tv’s and avocados. They are also the 3rd largest exporter of smartphones and 5th largest exporter of automobiles.

Guadalajara, the city which we will visit on our trip to Mexico, is the most important technology hotspot and set to become the next Silicon Valley, where thousand startups are founded. Most of the companies which transfer their production to Mexico do that because of the production costs. Mexico has changed its main focus from oil industry to technology products. There are also many Swiss companies, which are major investors in Mexico as Nestlé, Roche, Novartis and Hilti.


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