- EDITION 2022 -

change today for a better tomorrow

this is where our story begins, take a deep dive and meet our zeros

Nice graphic right?
It’s called
Vision zero.

These 8 icons are VISION ZERO. A framework which we developed for this years theme that greats you so prominently on top.

What are They about?

The Icons represent 8 so-called zeros that highlight actions and attitudes we believe should be eliminated for a better future.

What do We need this for?

The Vision leads the way to live and do business in a more purpose-oriented kind and creates sustainability for onself and community.

And Why do you think this is needed now?

When we brought our heads together to develop the story, we asked ourselves many questions. We felt that something has changed over the past few months.

Society demands meaning and change for a better tomorrow and we want to discover that with the help of our Zeros.

Let’s Meet them in detail now.

An organization that cares about its surroundings and the wellbeing of the world must strive for cooperation with and appreciation of employees as well as external stakeholders.
Besides acting in favor of the organizational goals, it is also essential to consider the wellbeing of the planet, acting more sustainable as an organization within the market and the environment. This vision can be summarized as to follow an eco-system rather than ego-system.

With our delegation being in the last year of their studies, job search is around the corner. When applying for a position, several factors are considered. Employees want to be a part of the organization and the values it delivers. Organizations are expected to be authentic and not delusional in order to recruit and retain talent. 

Zero empty promises” goes hand in hand with trust. If this foundation of a relationship is not met, its continuation may be complicated and endangered. Therefore, the focus should lie on transparent behavior of organizations to keep trust high.

Finding a meaning in our actions is what drives human beings. Feeling purpose in the working life is generally recognized as an essential motivating factor in today’s world. Recognizing a purpose also leads to the promotion and facilitation of creativity, innovation, and leadership.

The resource scarcity around the globe must be successfully addressed; a sustainable production process is key to achieve the survival of our planet.
The perspective of improving the supply chain leads us to topics to be examined including supply chain management, lean management and the concept of circular economy. The efficient use of resources in production and throughout the supply chain offers a vision of zero waste of resources.

Based on the purpose perspective of making the world a better place, this dimension calls for action and animates to step forward rather than remaining stationary or even stepping back. 

Enhancement of a sustainable world and way of living energizes the spirit to constantly solve problems rather than living with them. We want to animate each individual and organization to take action because every day offers another opportunity to work for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Being employed is one thing, staying in the job for a considerable time another. The aim of every employer should be to keep staff-wellbeing high. Employees should be given a voice and meaning to their everyday work. 

This purpose leads to higher motivation and thus less dissatisfaction. From a sustainability perspective, it can be seen that with zero dissatisfaction companies are able to retain talent, have low turnover rates and therefore reduce costs and obtain important knowledge and know-how.
Risk cannot be avoided and will therefore be omnipresent. Nevertheless, irresponsibility is an aspect which can in fact be escaped. It is necessary to carry out a thorough risk-analysis when it comes to decision-making. 

Acting responsibly means being able to justify decisions, having valid reasoning and taking responsibility if something does not work as planned. These are sought-after characteristics from all stakeholders.

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