Working towards being an environmentally conscious company is more important than ever considering the risks imposed by climate change and resource scarcity. To conserve our environment, we need to have sustainable practices in place to offset the existing damage and prevent further harm.


As part of our society, companies have the responsibility to address pressing social issues. This is where social development becomes effective by removing barriers and enabling growth on a collective and individual level. Companies can contribute to social development by investing in local communities and applying inclusive hiring strategies. This is a key move, since society’s success relies on the well-being of its citizens


Leadership is generally guided by a set of principles and objectives and communicating them to employees can be challenging. Hence, a code of conduct is an important building block of an organisation’s governance framework. Effective governance is facilitated by incorporating and clarifying the values that employees should uphold. Providing the workforce with sustainability awareness training contributes to an organisation’s integrity as a governing body.

this years timeline

october to january

partnerships are formed

For this unique project to be possible, we are dependent on finding partners that support us. Together as a team we contact companies that are willing or interested in supporting this year’s project team.  


delegation is recruited & Selected

If you are interested in taking part in our seminars this is the time to send us your application! Afterwards a group of highly motivated and eager students from a variety of degree programs are selected to participate in both the Seminar in Switzerland and Seminar Abroad.  


kick-off delegation

After our delegation is selected, they are invited to meet us, get to know each other, and learn more details about this year’s project topic. Be ready to have your picture taken! 


Seminar in Switzerland

Together with our delegation and expert speakers we will explore and discuss aspects related to our chosen topic all while also having the opportunity to expand our networks.  


seminar abroad

The second part of the project takes place in North America and focuses on broadening the horizons of students about business in the US and Canada. Additionally, knowledge transfer between senior executives, universities and FHNW students is possible through visits of companies, public institutions, and universities.  


april showers bring may flowers

The closing event of all five flagship projects takes place at the FHNW Campus in Olten where each team will showcase and reflect on their project experiences.  

ConnectUS 2022

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