Discover the potentials of sustainable business

The international student project connectUS is elaborating ways on how businesses can grow with a responsible use of resources. During the two-week On-Site Seminar in the USA and in Canada the topic will be addressed and linked to a variety of activities.

“Diminish 2 Flourish” is the theme of this year’s project edition. The topic is based on the four R’s of sustainability – Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recover. connectUS envisions these subthemes as a foundation for investigating how companies can contribute to an efficient working environment in harmony with our nature. The focus lies on the economic, environmental and personal health sector.

The first destination of the On-Site Seminar is New York. This city not only offers a high variety of renowned companies but also provides many cultural insights. connectUS would like to investigate how such a vibrant city can maintain its sustainability in view of the ever-growing business environment. The project members and the delegation have the opportunity to find out more on the spot. Google will welcome connectUS while talking about their sustainability initiatives.

Also, the visit in Vancouver promises many interesting inputs and a lot of expertise in sustainability. One main item on our agenda is going to be the visit of the Plastic Bank. This organization strives for less plastic waste and places high value on recycling. In addition, they are also committed to alleviate poverty and encourage the regeneration economy. David Katz, CEO of the Plastic Bank, stresses that “it is important to provide the tools to a community and bring them together to be a part of the solution to eliminate plastic waste from our oceans, rivers and waterways”. Particularly, this statement underlines the importance of our subtheme “Reduce”. connectUS is looking forward to an interesting On-Site Seminar and is convinced that we can gain educational value and broaden our horizon.