Design Thinking Workshop with Google in New York City

Our long-awaited On-Site Seminar started with an exciting company visit at Google in New York. Not only were we impressed by the breathtaking skyscrapers accompanying us on every avenue but also Google’s creative offices proved to be remarkable once again.

Nevertheless, this time the so-called “Googlers” planned a whole agenda starting with diverse speeches about the core principles, culture and accessible product designs.

Along with their mission statement which is all about being Googley or in other words – doing the right thing – we got an introduction into Google’s products aiming at fighting online harassment and protecting free speeches! The morning ended with a traditional building tour, where Karen showed us her favorite restaurants and terrace with a panoramic view on the still surreal beautiful city. Additionally, the company was so friendly to provide us with an exceptional lunch, which was absolutely yummy!

In the afternoon, James (Design Manager), Zhenshuo and Xinyu have done a speeded-up version of their Design Thinking Workshop with us. In groups, we worked out environmental-friendly solutions for promoting the usage of public transport or disposal opportunities of non-usable clothing items. It was interesting to see their 5-step process on developing a prototype solution while being creative with stickers and drawings.

The absolute highlight were the presentations of each connectUS group pitching their ideas through role plays and app simulations. All in all, the first company visit set the bar high and some of our students may have gotten interested in becoming a new Google employee or “Noogley” in their language 😉