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Day 4 – San Francisco

We spent our fourth day in the Silicon Valley. So, everbody was really looking forward to this day.


Swisscom Outpost

Our first stop was at the Swisscom Outpost. Lukas Peter, CEO of this outpost and a Swiss guy, welcomed us at their office. It was founded in 1998 and has nowadays 10 employees. He told us that each start-up from Europe has to go to the USA for going globaly in the future – otherwise they would fail.




Furthermore, Lukas spoke about the difference in doing business between the USA and Switzerland. For example, you only have plans for the next 2 weeks and not any longer in the USA. Whereas in Switzerland, you have plans for the next 2 or 3 months. Another example is the risk aversion. In Silicon Valley is the motto “do new things – you can fail, but you will fail forward”. In Switzerland, you want to stay by the traditional way and you do not want to fail at all.




We had the great opportunity to have lunch at Microsoft in Mountain View. Paul Singh welcomed us again, together with Jarek Kazmierczak and Rajya Bhaiya. After a great lunch, we heard a presentation about Artificial Intelligence from Jarek. The most interesting point was that the digital revolution is the next industrial revolution. That means, the digital revolution is more powerful than all others.

Afterwards, we could try out HoloLenses. These are augmented reality lenses which combine the virtual world with the real world. Due to these lenses, virtual objects can be placed in three dimensional space. It was absolutely fabulous and something unique.

Stanford University

Our last stop was at the famous Stanford University. We could walk around by our-selves and see this enormous campus which is like a city.

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