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Day 1 – San Francisco

Our On-Site Seminar started today with three absolutely interesting visits in San Francisco City.



This company manages contracts electronically and not on paper. So, you are able to sign, send and manage documents anytime, anywhere and on any device. About 2’000 people are working for DocuSign worldwide. 2005 was the foundation in Seattle and there is still the headquarter.

Boris Pavlovic and Christian Marek welcomed us at DocuSign. Interestingly, Boris is Swiss and Christian Austrian. Christian told us that each person can use their services, from a private person to a small or large company. Impressingly, with DocuSign we can eliminate 85% of paper from the contract cycle and 50% in the field of meeting for completing contracts.

To be and stay innovative, the have a process of five steps – opportunity, prioritization, requirements, execution and growth. With the system “3-in-a-box” they get their ideas from 3 different fields. In each team there is a person from the business side, one from the engineering side and one from the user side as well.


Swissnex San Francisco

Swissnex is an initiative of Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), managed in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Affairs. Here, we were welcomed by Dominic Sutter – a Swiss person. He explained us what Swissnex exactly does. Probably the most important task is to help start-ups to get used to the American market. Therefore, they have three programs. One of them is the market entry support, where they help you to build up a brand in the USA. Around 10 to 15 companies each year are supported by Swissnex.


Microsoft (City)

Paul Singh, a cloud solution architect, welcomed us at the office of Microsoft in the city of San Francisco. “Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more” is the mission of Microsoft. Paul told us some interesting facts about Microsoft like their culture or could system. Microsoft has a lot of famous clients such as Apple, DocuSign, Netflix or IBM.




Another fact is that the people all over the world only uses about 20% of all features of Microsoft’s products. Furthermore, Microsoft donates an average of 2.6 million dollar in software each day.



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