The impact of positive appearance – Corinne Staub

The first connectUS morning started with an interactive session presented by Corinne Staub, founder of the ONE agency. She immediately took up the room with the topic on how to impress and network by showing different imitations of negative and positive-related gestures in an amusing and well-presented way. Did you know that people are being put into positive and negative boxes in the first few seconds during an encounter? A smile for example is one of the easiest ways that one may associate you as likeable!

The connectUS participants were guided through different exercises and practical examples in order to gain an understanding on how to connect with others, be it by presenting themselves in the so-called elevator pitch or by greeting and introducing people in a business environment or through making a lasting first and last impression with the right body language.

Imagine, words only count 7% when it comes to the first impression whereas the tone of voice as well as non-verbal gestures are much more relevant. Ms Staub openly shared her experiences in her career and explained the importance of establishing an own brand by consciously thinking about what you want to communicate and how you want to interact with others. She introduced us to an easy and realizable procedure for establishing a good impression. The first one focusses on causing positive emotions by finding common values or interests. By a firm handshake and open gestures, trust can be created in a second step. Also, the use of the trust equation implying credibility, reliability and intimacy can serve as a helpful framework. Last but not least, respect should be shown towards the conversation partner. The latter one can be supported by fully focusing on the person and listening actively to the conversation.

The two hours scheduled on this topic passed by in a flash. A lot of new insights had been gained which are valuable and useful for every future career. Well equipped with new networking skills and more self-confidence the preparatory seminar started with a great success thanks to Corinne Staub!