connectUS 2016 would like to introduce you to the last six members of the delegation of this year’s edition. They all have participated actively during the Preparatoy Seminar and are joining us to the onsite trip to the United States in March.

Mikkel Numrich

Field of Study: International Management

Three key words that describes him the best: Friendly, adventurous & positive

“I’m a friendly and open-minded person. While trying to enjoy life as much as possible and not taking everything to serious, I still know when to stay focused and professional. Further I would consider myself as calm, in a cautious and deliberate way.”

His motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“There are various factors that motivate me for connectUS. The United States is a fascinating country and the forerunner of today’s modern business world. ConnectUS offers the unique chance to experience this world from a perspective ordinary tourist could not undergo. Further motivating are the networking opportunities and the fact that I as a Delegation Member can positively influence the perception American businesses have of Swiss University students.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Mikkel Numrich

Nico Portmann

Field of Study: Engineering and Management

Three key words that describes her the best: Ambitious, perceptive & reliable

“I would describe myself as a open-minded and easygoing person and I do like sports. I am ambitious and reliable. Additionally I would say that I am perceptive as well. I always try to understand the point of view of the others.”

His motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“As my grandparents had a house in the US, I got used to know the US from the sight of a tourist. This project now gives my the opportunity to get to know the US from another side. In Supply Chain international experience is important. In Summer 2015 I went to China with the Huawei Seeds for the Future Program. ConnectUS now gives me the opportunity to extend my international experience.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Nico Portmann

Stephen Randles

Field of Study: IT

Three key words that describes him the best: Addicted to learning, critical of “society” & mixed intro/extrovert

“I may be an avid computer scientist and a good student in my field, yet there’s only so much time you can and should spend in front of computer screens. There is much more to be seen and experienced by going outside, visiting old and new places alike. Recently I have really come to appreciate the value of travel and meeting people from various cultural backgrounds, which offers the opportunity to learn new languages and life lessons. I realised this in a somewhat ‘eureka’ fashion during and after my semester abroad, and I am considering moving to a new country for my further studies and personal growth.

And now for something completely different – a few personal details. Being British, I do love a bit of black humour and think it’s important to be able to joke a bit while working, while still taking my work very seriously (perhaps too seriously for my own good). I also enjoy all sorts of music (most of all Hip-Hop) and am into exercise, nutrition and health, as well as debates about social injustice, consumerism and renewable energy to name a few.”

His motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“To do something out of the ordinary during my studies that I hope will help me find a new direction after completing my studies, and to see the differences in business and everyday culture in the US compared to Switzerland. A study project like this is also a great opportunity to meet other students that are presumably more open minded and who invested their time and energy to sign up for this experience.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Stephen Randles

Tamane Spahiu

Field of Study: Business Administration (Bök)

Three key words that describes her the best: Communicator, detail-oriented & flexibility

“I see my strength in the combination of analytical skills with an open-minded and creative thinking. A high willingness to perform and motivation are for me fundamental. I find it easy to connect with others. Meeting new companies and people is exciting, I can widen my business network and make friends all over the world.”

Her motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“On this journey through the country of unlimited possibilities I will learn professionally and develop personally. It will be very interesting to learn about the journeys of successful companies and which obstacles they had to overcome. I also like to gain an insight to the US culture and extend my intercultural skills.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Tamane Spahiu

Kevin Wernli

Field of Study: Engineering and Management

Three key words that describes him the best: Social, calm & ambitious

“I would describe myself as an ambitious and confident person. In addition I would say that I am calm as well as reserved and that I can assume responsibility. I am open minded and can make friends easily. I love doing sports and being acitve.”

His motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“The reason for my great interest in this project is because of my future aim to be taking my Master’s Degree in the United States of America. Since I already have several relatives living in Orange County I can absolutely see myself fulfilling my career goals in this country. I am very much interested in the american way of life and how the attitude of making business in the US is. I am looking forward to meet a lot of people and being able to connect with students of different courses as well as with representatives of international companies which are having business in the US.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Kevin Wernli

Immanuel Zerbini

Field of Study: iCompetence

Three key words that describes him the best: Traveller, designer & software engineer

“High passion for other cultures & traveling in common. Allways interested in design – new technologies & innovative products.”

His motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“My passion for other cultures & traveling in common with my position as a Software Engineer & Scrum Master in a swiss small to mid-sized enterprise, summarize my motivation to participate in this project.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Immanuel Zerbini