connectUS 2016 would like to introduce you to the first six members of the delegation of this year’s edition. They all have participated actively during the Preparatoy Seminar and are joining us to the onsite trip to the United States in March.

Rami Al Beati

Field of Study: Business Administration (International Management)

Three key words that describe him the best: Honest, ambitious & motivated

“I would describe myself as an honest and direct person. I am a rather outgoing person and prefer to communicate with people to foster my personal relationships. To balance things out, I also choose to spend time alone to reflect on different aspects – by working out, watching a movie or just going for a walk. Additionally, I value reliability and humor a lot to get along better with people I meet.”

His motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“My main motivation for connectUS is the opportunity to represent the FHNW and hopefully create even stronger connections and relationships with the US. Due to my cultural background I am fascinated by the sheer amount of culture within the connectUS delegation itself. I am sure that I can contribute my skill set to the group to reach our collective goals.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Rami Al Beati

Adela Bekic

Field of Study: Busness Administration (Bök)

Three key words that describe her the best: Happy, fun & social

“I am 23 years old, currently studying economy at the School of business in Brugg. My free time I like spending with my friends and staying fit through walking or fitness.”

Her motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“What appeals to me the most is gaining experience in the business world of America and developing a business network there. In school we always learn about companies and their strategies, their successes and their failures. But what about the real world, what is it really like for companies? ConnectUS is the perfect opportunity to gain the necessary practical knowledge. With the opportunity to meet new friends in the US, we gain an insight to the US culture and can then extend our intercultural skills and even apply them in real situations.”

Contact information: / Adela Bekic LinkedIn

Pascal Brem

Field of Study: Business Administration (Bök)

Three key words that describe him the best: Problem solver, team player & personable

“I’m working as an Account Manager in a business travel agency and study part-time. In my spare time, I like to travel which includes visiting my girlfriend in San Francisco. I am also interested in American Sports and if time allows I like reading books.”

His motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“My goal is to live in the USA at one point in my life. I have had the opportunity to spend the summer in San Francisco and want to further expand my connections with people in different industries. The topic of this years project is very interesting and I think I can contribute a lot with my experience as well as benefit from colleagues and get insights of how to have a successful business in America.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Pascal Brem

Melanie Brigger

Field of Study: Engineering

Three key words that describe her the best: Loyalty, precision & traveling

“I am a highly motivated and loyal future Systems Engineer, who is planning to undertake a technical internship in the United States after graduating. My passions are music, languages and traveling to see the world and to get to know foreign cultures.”

Her motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“Being a delegation member of connectUS enables me to gain an insight in the American business world to learn more about their business practices and their culture. Furthermore I can extend my English skills and expand the business network. This provides an excellent preparation for the planned internship and it will be a great experience for life.”

Contact information:  / LinkedIn Melanie Brigger

Ramona Delcò

Field of Study: Business Administration (Bök)

Three key words that describe her the best: Open-minded, lively & joy

“I am a lively and open-minded person. I would describe myself as a person who is positive thinking and enjoy life as much as I can. Furthermore I am keen on doing sports such as volleyball and dancing. I am a person who likes to organize events or city trips for me and my friends.”

Her motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“connectUS offers me the unique opportunity to visit companies in America and learn about their business lifestyle. Since I am considering to work abroad this chance helps me to bring me professionally further. In addition connectUS helps to expand my network and offers space to talk with interesting people. Through connectUS I can gain a lot of new experience.”

Contact information:  / LinkedIn Ramona Delcò

Désirée Gerber

Field of Study: International Business Management

Three key words that describes her the best: Generous, ambitious, positive

“I like to work in a team because I think I am open minded and pleasant. I am ambitious, I dislike to stop projects or let it be. I always want to do the things right and I am persevering. The last thing to describe me is that I love smiling”

Her motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“I am really motivated to participate at this student project because I enjoy discover new cultures and new way of working in an other country. That’s also why I choose the studies I am currently doing (International business management). I love to be intergate in a real project where I think I can be helpful with ideas or new perspectives. With this project, I think that it will open my way of thinking and this motivates me a lot. To conclude, I think that this project is wonderful and I will do my best to be integrate and contribute a lot in this project.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Désirée Gerber

We will be introducing soon more members of the connectUS 2016 delegation.