connectUS 2016 would like to introduce you the next six members of the delegation of this year’s edition. They all have participated actively during the Preparatoy Seminar and are joining us to the onsite trip to the United States in March.

Abinaya Selina Karunakaran

Field of Study: International Management

Three key words that describes her the best: Grown up bi-culturally, very responsible & team player

“Since I have grown up bi-culturally, I am genuinely interested in learning more about other cultures, countries, business styles and languages. My experience in coordinating and organising apprentices’ events during my apprenticeship and providing tutoring has strengthened my assertiveness and my ability to work under pressure. I am a very responsible, flexible person with skills in organisation and communication. This delegation member position would fulfil and encourage me to develop my strengths, interests and skills. My interest in languages and cultures is another asset that I would bring to the connectUS team.”

Her motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“I chose connectUS as my aim is to work for a Swiss international company in North America in the future. As this project’s topic is “mystery of success – many roads lead to the top”, I am sure it will bring me closer to American business practices and American culture, so that I will surely be able to build a meaningful relationship with North America. As I spent my fourth semester in Canada, I acquired instructive and unforgettable experiences in regards to Canadian culture and lifestyle. However, a closer look at US culture and business lifestyle would help me to expand my horizons in North America. In my point of view, it would be inspiring to listen to speeches and meet US business people in order to gain an understanding of their style of doing business successfully. Furthermore, this project will provide me with the opportunity to expand my personal and business network around the world, which will surely be of great benefit to me in my future international career.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Abinaya Selina Karunakaran

Hanna Kientz

Field of Study: International Business Management

Three key words that describes her the best: Open minded, committed & sociable

” I am french and I lived in Italy and in Germany, I always traveled a lot and I love it. I am open minded and talkative, I love to discover new cultures, meet different people, and I am also very interested in architecture.”

Her motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“I wanted to mix traveling (discover a country) and my economy and management studies. I think it is the opportunity to discover different companies cultures so I can have more precise ideas of my professional aims. I definitely want to work in an international company in a foreign country and maybe in the united states.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Hanna Kientz

Christopher Koller

Field of Study: Business Information Technology

Three key words that describes him the best: Approachable, cooperative & creative

“One of my strengths is to integrate in a team to work efficiently with them. Friends and family describe me as an approachable, creative and cooperative person, who is always willing to lend an ear and has the ability to convince people of his ideas.”

His motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“America is one of the greatest phenomena in Business Management, especially in the tech-industry with companies like Apple and Tesla. I am wondering how the American economy can compete with the low-cost fabrics of China, Taiwan and India.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Christopher Koller

Philippe Kühni

Field of Study: Engineering and Management

Three key words that describes him the best: Energy/Power, professional passionate about ICT & enthusiastic

“Philippe is a part time BSc student in Engineering and Management FHNW with profound expertise of the energy system. He has seven years professional experience in front, trading, operations, support same as team and project leader functions.He is passionate about Basketball. He used to coach junior teams, held many different positions in club management and is now referee for more than 15 years.”

His motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“It is a great opportunity to get in contact with successful and interesting people and companies. The US are the key player for ICT and energy technology, both of them are very important for my professional life. I am very much looking forward to get a deep insight into business and culture. Thank you very much for organising ConnectUS!”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Philippe Kühni

Fabian Künzli

Field of Study: iCompetence

Three key words that describes him the best: Open-minded, enthusiastic & workaholic

“I am an open-minded designer and project manager who loves to work where design, technology and human psychology come together. I have a computer science background but I tend to focus more and more on the human part while working on projects. I would describe myself as a good observer and listener and I love challenges. One of my weaknesses is my impatience with sluggish activities.”

His motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“I am highly motivated for connectUS since it is a unique chance to meet lots of young people which basically are at the same point of their career as I am. I expect to find open-minded students, whose mindset is similar to mine and which love to share their ideas. Additionally, I already look forward to get insights into companies, products and ideas, which would never be possible anytime soon.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Fabian Künzli

Tabea Leibundgut

Field of Study: Business Administration

Three key words that describes her the best: Ambitious, independent & reliable

“I’m Tabea, I’m 22 years old and I study business economics in Brugg full-time. I spent this summer in beautiful Hawai’i to enhance my English skills to be prepared for my major Marketing in English.”

Her motivation for joining the connectUS 2016 delegation:

“I love traveling and learning new things about a country or culture. connectUS is the perfect opportunity to network, gain great insights into real business situations and to have an idea how it could be to live and work abroad. It would be a first step into the huge world of business.”

Contact information: / LinkedIn Tabea Leibundgut

We will be introducing soon more members of the connectUS 2016 delegation.