Circular Economy and why it matters…

Circular Economy – a concept unfortunately not invented by connectUS (imagine!) but rather drawn from research, articles, videos and interesting conversations.
A topic of high importance which will hopefully mark our decade with the help of technological progress and digital transformation! But why does it matter to us?

Before explaining the ulterior motives of the concept, let us relate to a situation every one is familiar with;
When did a purchase fulfil you the last time with huge joy?
Was this sweater really necessary considering that you already own 3 others in the same colour? When did you repair something the last time?

While living in a world of excess consumption, people tend to lose sight of what is important and adds value to their life! And if it doesn’t add value, we tend to keep it anyway.

This relatable situation also refers to the economic linear model which is all about take-make-dispose. Raw materials are extracted to the extent that we are running out of it as for example sand is becoming scarce.

Referring to circular economy, we would rather pursue a model of reduce-reuse-recycle. This does not mean that we close the linear model to a circle. No, the concept is all about retaining as much value as possible of sustainable products, parts and materials.

Furthermore, a shift in thinking is necessary where people have to become users of things and not always pursue to be owners! Also in terms of manufacturing we need to design products which can be reused or built down to their raw material. This would lead to an economic growth by creating more jobs and green industries, as well as less pollution!

So tell me, are you interested in swimming in a sea full of plastic or do you prefer a healthy ecosystem?

Take a look at the short video summarizing our thoughts to this topic and find interesting links below.