CEO4Climate Training with Dr. Christian Zeyer

The Preparatory Seminar of connectUS 2020 is history. In a packed program of speeches, discussions, and workshops, the connectUS participants were constantly challenged with vast knowledge about this year’s topic diminish2flourish. The topic is based on the four R’s of sustainability – Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recover. connectUS envisions these subthemes as a foundation for investigating how companies can contribute to an efficient working environment in harmony with our nature.

For the start of the week, this year’s project team has thought up something special in order to embed the connectUS participants not only in school but also in real-life challenges. Therefore, Dr. Christian Zeyer from Swisscleantech joined us on the first day to introduce the ongoing “CEO4Climate” initiative which will be actively supported by connectUS.

As one of the leaders of the Swiss economy, Swisscleantech is committed to effectively protect climate change and thus strives for an active and incisive Swiss climate policy. For this reason, Swisscleantech has launched the “CEO4Climate” initiative and did set up a letter motivating parliamentarians to adopt a Paris-compatible CO2 law. The objective of this initiative is to collect as many signatures as possible from CEO’s who are committed to strong and transparent climate policy in Switzerland.

“The next ten years will be crucial with regards to the climate crisis “– Dr. Christian Zeyer, Swisscleantech

So far, more than 250 signatures have been collected from both large and small companies. Among others, companies like Ikea, SwissRE or Allianz Suisse have signed and are convinced that strong climate policy will strengthen the Swiss economy.

Under this initiative, the delegation of connectUS 2020 is encouraged to actively participate in collecting the consent of Swiss CEOs to commit to sustainability. The objective is to collect as many signatures as possible in a group of four to five students.

In order to be prepared on how to approach the CEO’s, Dr. Christian Zeyer gave valuable inputs not only about the theme but also on how to present and negotiate with potential candidates. The fact that the initiative is another big step forward to a more sustainable economy, was a great incentive for all delegates to actively support Swisscleantech.