Adobe, Renault and Swisscom Outpost

Adobe Systems Incorporated is an American multinational computer software company. Adobe has historically focused upon the creation of multimedia and creativity software products, with a more recent foray towards rich Internet application software development. It is best known for Photoshop, an image editing software, Acrobat Reader, the Portable Document Format (PDF) and Adobe Creative Suite, as well as its successor Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe employs about 15,000 employees, about 40 % of them work in San Jose.

Martin Bürgi (Senior Product Manager) presented us Adobes transformation from selling to subscribing. Additionally, he showed us how he, as a Swiss, is living in the Silicon Valley.


As one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe, Renault is dedicated to driving innovation, imagining the car of the future, and shaping sustainable mobility. Renault’s main focuses are on autonomous and assisted driving, zero-emission vehicles, and connected cars. In a shared facility with Nissan, the Renault Innovation Lab houses an advanced research center specializing in connected services, autonomous driving, and new businesses in mobility and advanced user experience. Renault aims to learn from and actively contribute to the Silicon Valley start-up ecosystem by launching several partnerships with start-ups, universities, and labs each year.

The Swisscom outpost in Silicon Valley was established in 1998. The outpost’s vision is to “empower Swisscom to bring  new digital services to the market”.


“When arrived at the Swisscom Outpost the first thing we noticed was the cute house where it was located. The purpose of the house is to recreate sorto of a start-up feeling.
It was very refreshing listening to him as he just freshly graduated from university himself.
Jeffrey who hold a presentation in the backyard of the house, told us some very interesting things about the history of the silicon valley, how it functions compared to european companies and the mindset which leaded the silicon valley to become what it is today. So he gave us some absolutly interesting insights adding a swiss point of view to the presentation.
Going further with the presentation we learnd various things about the work of the Outpost, for example how they can help Swiss start-ups as well as there function as trend scouter.
At the end of the presentation Jeffrey showed us how the challenges of the futur for the outpost and many of companys in the silicon valley might look like.
Closing up I can say it was a nice experience enhanced by the friendly and improvising Jeffery.”

Riccardo Cencherle