Einträge von Tobias Ragosa

Genome Editing

The Genome Editing conference was given by Dr. Daniela Suter, a biologist that talked about the human genome, what CRISPR is and what it is used on, new technology regarding genomes, the definition of epigenetics, the importance of data science in medicine, breakthroughs on cloning, genetic testing and of course, the ethics that are involved […]

Driving Innovation

Mario Schmuziger from company Zühlke hold a refreshing presentation on the topic “driving innovation – how organization discover, select and execute on innovation.” But what is innovation and what’s not? One definition of innovation says that it is “the process of translating an idea or invention a good or service that creates value of for […]

Blockchain Technology

Kevin Leuthard and Mirco Klaus introduced us to the processes of the blockchain. It was a complex but an interesting topic. Blockchain is a distributed ledger. It works in a decentralized network and guarantees security through broadcasting all new information to all participants. Therefore, each transaction adds to the ledger. In order to get the […]

The Impact of Positive Appearance

What is your first impression? What are influencing factors? Corinne Staub was introducing us to the impact of a positive appearance in a very lively and personal way. The image that others have of you, is not controllable. But some factors you can impact. Self-branding is the key because you can control who you are, […]