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What is connectUS?

connectUS is a prestigious project, now in its 13th year, organized by students for students at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW).
The two-part project include seminars in Switzerland and abroad. Delivering a a one-week preparatory seminar in Switzerland opento all final-year students from the Schools of Business, Engineering, Life Sciences (plus other FHNW Schools on application) as well as international students from our broad network of partner universities worldwide. The preparatory seminar offers the participants an insight into the country or region, the business environment and relevant socio-economic and demographic challenges. Speakers from industries, embassies and trade organizations, chambers of commerce as well as FHNW lecturers offer the participants a comprehensive seminar. In the international phase, each project takes an interdisciplinary delegation of between twenty and thirty students and staff to travel to their chosen country or region.

SUSTAIN AND GAIN – together for a more sustainable future

The aim of connectUS 2021 is to unify expertise resulting in mutual beneficial value to improve the sustainable management of resources. Three United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as the orientation framework.

ConnectUS aligns to the last year’s project topic  “sustainability”. We are interested in the action businesses can take to manage internal resources and processes more sustainably. The SDGs are addressing environmental, economic, social and governmental sustainability issues that businesses aim to act on. As frame of reference we focus on the SDGs :

Goal 7 is about affordable and clean energy. Reliable, affordable and modern energy services are globally still not widely known and accessible. The enhancement of renewable energy and overall efficiency form the core of this goal and respective innovations are continuously researched and further developed.

Decent work and economic growth are the focus of goal 8. Diversification, sustainable employment practices, technological upgrading and innovation can help raising the level of economic productivity to create sustainable economic growth. Governments and businesses may use different approaches to fulfil these targets which present an interesting subject to discuss.

The goal 12 focuses on responsible consumption and production. The world population is currently consuming more resources than ecosystems can provide. The handling of chemicals and waste can have an impact on human health and the environment. Sustainable practices to use and manage natural resources are increasingly being researched and applied by companies. Governmental laws, guidelines and efforts form an integral part in this process.

They represent fundamental, contemporary and relevant matters that businesses should consider to achieve sustainable development.

We are convinced that the required knowledge is out there and that businesses can learn from different perspectives, know-how and methods of execution. Therefore, we have created “Learning by Sharing”

Learning by Sharing is a concept by connectUS 2021 which pursues to bring different areas of expertise of key players in our economy and society together. The discussion on sustainable opportunities cannot be one-sided but should ultimately consist of a joint effort by involving government, business and academia. 

It is our firm belief that the exchange of individual skills and experience in specific fields of competence bring added value to all parties that are willing to learn.

ConnectUS  wants to connect with YOU!

Take action, become a partner and join “SUSTAIN AND GAIN – together for a more sustainable future” to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. 

– Your connectUS Team 2021

Prep Seminar

Expert guest lecturers from various fields such as Management, Politics, Culture and Law, will offer a thorough introduction to life and work in the US and Canada.

Career Fair

Partners of all international projects have the possibility to present their company and recruit students from various fields of study.

On-Site Seminar

Participating students get a unique chance to experience the meaning of the US and Canadian culture and business world in real life.

Closing Event

At the closing event, all of the flagship projects will reflect on their insights and experiences gained during the preparatory seminar and on-site seminar.