We are very happy to announce that we published the second Nexus Newsletter today!

The FHNW International Student Projects Insight ChinaFocus IndiaconnectUS, and exploreASEAN have created a corporate newsletter to share the highlights of the onsite seminar.

Fifteen years ago, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) pioneered with International Student Projects (ISP). The ISPs are organised by students for students, which enables more students than ever to travel abroad and get first-hand experiences as well as insights in what we did this year.

We hope you will enjoy reading through the Nexus Newsletter.

New York – Day 2 & 3

Today we had the chance to explore New York with some sightseeing.


First stop was the the Statue of Liberty National Monument on Liberty Island that we reached by ferry. On the way back we went to Ellis Island with its Immigration Museum featuring the Wall of Honor.


The second stop we made was at the Empire State Building which its really impressing view from the 86st floor.


Tomorrow the delegation has a day off until we meet at 5 pm at Madison Square Garden to watch a basketball game.



New York – Day 1

Today our journey in New York begun with a sunny day! The connectUS delegation had time in the morning to rest from the long journey and explore the city by their own and at 12AM we all met to heading towards the subway station and to the first company visit in Brooklyn.


Column Five

Column Five is an award-winning visual communication agency located in Brooklyn, New York, which is specialized in data visualization, infographics, motion graphics and social media marketing.

On of their most DSC_8763testpopular produced campaign was the „Child of the 90s“ ad for Internet Explorer and its „Browser You Loved to Hate“ campaign. The video went viral within four days and received over 4.2 million hits.

Their starting point is always to fulfill the needs of their customers, why they always ask a lot of questions when starting a new project. To identify the aims they want to achieve and are able to come up with a tailored solution that really suits the needs of the customers target audience.

The strength of Column Five lays in their ability of storytelling. With their new apporach of transmitting thoughts through proposing interesting visiual form of content they had a huge impact on companies operating in publishing and advertisment and can thus be seen as a true game changer.


Delta Airlines


The second company connectUS visited today operates in the airplane business. Before starting their presentation they granted every delegation member the chance to express which questions and expectations they have from this company visit. Therefore the presentation could be adapted and really cover all areas the participants where interested in.

New York City is still nr. 1 most flying city of the world, what explains why they are based here. It represents the center of finance and is the connection to other financial capitals as well and their base for their network. In the airplane business having a well connected network is the most important value they can propose to their customers, especially to business travelers.

DSC_8783testAdditionally they informed us that New Yorkers are really comitted with their community, that’s why Delta also really involves themselves a lot on a daily basis with their commuity.

Trust and commitment also suits with their company culture and core values. Eventhough ist a huge company they care a lot about every eployee. The core values of the company rely on the fact that they believe that delta is a community that cares for each other like family. If their employees are happy, this will result in a professional approach towards their customers, which will lead to finally high Returns to their share holders.

Hardrock Cafe

In the evening the connectUS delegation met in front of the Hard Rock Cafe at the time square to have a joint dinner and while away the day.


New York City

The countdown starts – only 5 days left until we are heading to the U.S.! #excited

The first city we are going to visit is NEW YORK therefore we would like to introduce you to the city and give you some insights into our program.

New York City is the most popular city in the U.S. and probably one of the most popular cities worldwide with its 8.5 million inhabitants it is located in the south eastern of the State New York.

New York City is not just a great city to get some insight into several interesting and important business – furthermore, we will also have the chance to do some sightseeing by visiting the most important monuments like the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. Besides that we got the great possibility to watch a basketball game and a late night show which will give us a great insight into the American culture.


But since we are not there for doing only sightseeing and just enjoy ourselves we want to highlight out also some points regarding our project. On Monday, we are going to have the opportunity to go to Wallstreet and get a once in a lifetime experience of it. In the afternoon we are going to visit the Venture Capitalist Alex Goldberg.

Another highlight in New York is the visit of the UN Headquarters and the Swiss consulate.

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