Einträge von Raphael Civatti

Application Project Managers 2017/18

Fellow students! Are you a disciplined and persistent person seeking an opportunity to challenge your managing skills? Apply as a project manager for one of the most prestigious student projects of the FHNW – Insight China, Focus India, connectUS or exploreASEAN ! The deadline for the application is the 19 of May 2017! A unique […]

Wrap up New York

New York – established and still growing business hub With a meaningful historical background (e.g. the wall street etc.) New York is already well known and one of the most famous (business) cities in the world. Anyways, there is still a lot of demand for office spaces in that area. Corporates still consider it as […]

Wrap up San Francisco

The Bay Area – The place where innovation comes from. No matter what company we visited in San Francisco or the Silicon Valley, we always had the impression to have arrived in the future. Either a company’s product, business model, process or employees seem to strive for innovation. We were lucky enough to be given […]

Crowdfunding platform online!

Dear visitor, As this years theme is „Innovation is the new black!“ the project team is eager to find new ways to carry connectUS to a new level. For the first time in the history we implemented a crowdfunding platform. Help us to make it a success. We really appreciate your donation! https://www.funders.ch/connectus2017